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There is not ENOUGH Money in Politics

Posted by mrfixit on October 24, 2010

Yes I know, the common saying is just the opposite!  Yes we all get annoyed at the powerful big money players getting their way, and we simplistically bemoan the large sums of cash we see influence the process.

But that is all too convenient to produce voter and citizen apathy, which in turn reinforces that very system which we all despise in the first place!  A vicious cycle for sure!

I propose that the problem is not enough money, and when I say that I mean too few Americans give ANY money at all to any candidate of their choice, all hoping someone else will do it for them!

Well that is it, with the 300 plus million, even if each person averaged $100 per election ($50) per year, well all the big money players in the world would then have to compete with that much more influential $30 Billion dollars!  Compare that with the influence of George Soros, recently giving millions to over represent his anti-American progressive plans.  His influence would not have much bearing compared to the $30 Billion would it?  I think my math is correct here, but the point is the average Joe contributes NOTHING to the process, and that leaves the influence and power unfairly focused on a smaller more involved and powerful few.  This also happens in voting blocks, ever wonder why some special groups seem to get more influence than their tiny numbers would normally demand?  Well, simple, the blocks that vote in higher proportions pull in more influence when others DON’T vote; same is true with campaign funding.

I have put my money where my mouth is for years now, each year picking the good candidates and supporting them with my meager contributions, because I know that is what we all should be doing.  We are hypocrites if we stand on the sidelines complaining about the quality of the players when we are unwilling to lift a finger to support the good candidates that make the leap and take on the fight to be our elected representatives.   This is how we often only get the rich that will run for office, if more would stand up and support, we’d have more regular, honest, decent and normal people, like US stand up and take on the fight for us.

To share my contribution list, I’ll try to dig up all the receipts for this election and make a page for those I have picked to support this year, feel free to follow if you trust my picks!

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