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Make no Mistake: Those that would not say a Pledge are those who ARE enemies of this Nation!

Posted by mrfixit on October 24, 2010

Yes we have free speech, and yes we should not and CAN not FORCE anyone to pledge allegiance to the United States.  The instant we attempt to FORCE anyone to do so, it becomes a contradiction, since the allegiance is to be to a nation “with LIBERTY and Justice for ALL”.  Forced allegiance is not liberty!

With that said, those that who unwilling to recite the pledge, can they please explain what it is that they find objectionable?  Is it the one nation UNDER GOD?  Is it the indivisible?  Is it LIBERTY?  

Well, let me be direct, it could be any or all the above, same effect.  This nation is centered on IDEAS.  We were divinely inspired,  a system of government, with checks and balances to prevent the government from limiting Liberty of the people – a system at its CORE respects the concept that each and every human being is granted Unalienable rights from a higher power, our creator, or simply put: God.

Whether one chooses to believe in God or not, well it does not change the brilliance of the concept of founding a nation established in recognition of respect for God given INDIVIDUAL rights.  Since these are granted by a higher power and unalienable, even the unbeliever is given equal rights and has no obligation to accept the reason or basis for those rights!  A nation that is solely determined by the will of other men, well… they are always end up as tyrannical regimes that rob individual liberty and cast the masses into serfdom or servitude to the few elite ruling class masters.  Look no further than China, Russia (Soviet Union, but what has changed?  Nothing, only the names and descriptions!), or pick your country, most of the world is in this status. 

So, what do we do with those that would not pledge allegiance?   Well, ignore them, let them be.  They either will learn or they won’t.  About the only thing we should NOT do is put them in positions of power in our society.  They should not be permitted to destroy the very individual rights this nation and government was established to preserve and protect.  They are in fact the very “domestic enemies” our oath of office to the US Constitution tells us to DEFEND against!

If we ever become so blinded and confused to not know who are enemies are, we are doomed to fall into the abyss of tyranny that is the natural state of affairs that exists in most of the world.

Only an informed, engaged and motivated citizenry can maintain and restore our nation, its prosperity and its promise to future generations.



The denial of God is not new, but how can one defend the foundations of this nation and ignore the obvious divine inspiration? – They can’t. I’m not saying we force anyone to believe, I’m saying we STOP electing these lying frauds who are incapable of protecting our freedoms, since they do not understand or appreciate where they came from!


I say the same for those in the Democrat party, who campaign as conservatives, but are part of a party that has a progressive anti-liberty PLATFORM.  Either they are lying to the voters (likely) or they are lying to the party faithful by telling them they support the platform (not likely).  Either way they are LIARS, and as such deserve to be fired.

Such officials either LIE about supporting the Constitution or they LIE to their supporters by claiming to advance an agenda that is an assault on the Constitution.  In this case the ACTIONS confirm it is the Constitution and its limits that they truly ignore.


That anyone can dictate what you can and can’t do is one thing, but to go after a Marine Vet who proudly and properly displays the US and USMC flag?  This is crazy, but that is where we are:



One Response to “Make no Mistake: Those that would not say a Pledge are those who ARE enemies of this Nation!”

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