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To the radical, elitist snob career Democrat politician, Military service is not Public Service!

Posted by mrfixit on October 22, 2010

To those of us who follow these creeps closely, this is no surprise.  They just are not used to getting caught saying it!  


The radical progressive left hates the foundation of this great nation.  They cannot stand the concept of individual God given rights and a limited government that permits regular hard working people to rise up and challenge them in their largely inherited positions of wealth and power!

That a Retired Army Colonel would dare take on this life long career Democrat, who does he think he is!?  They have such an attitude of superiority it is disgusting. 

Shame on the masses of ignorant voters who would so blindly re-elect these elitist snobs!  We need to fight this with all we have.

My plan, every time I see a story like this I go the challengers webpage, check him out and donate to the cause, I’m not rich, but I like to give at least $17.76, an idea I picked up from my brother, not only a useful amount, but symbolic, as we strive to restore our founding principles!



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