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VOLT Fraud and Government Motors

Posted by mrfixit on October 21, 2010

I reused the title of this article, because it is so good and gets right to the point:


I’m all for high tech, more efficient cars, and cleaner energy.  But I’m not a fool to think the laws of physics can be ignored in this effort.

I predicted and previously commented prior to the blog about how the Volt would be an utter market failure and continued disaster for GM.  Why buy one, if a Prius gets similar performance, and is cheaper and a more proven technology?   No rational buyer will want these, and with the decline in the economy very few will have the money anyway, so it is doomed before it hits the showroom, despite the redistribution of YOUR money to support misguided buyers.

My 1996 Saturn gets an average of 38 MPG, and can get over 40 MPG highway, above 70MPH, and it cost only $12,500 in 1996, and still goes strong after  158,000 miles.  There is no real advantage to the Volt, and even the Prius does not do much better than my old Saturn!

There are great emerging technologies that are making more efficient use of fuel, it is not gasoline hybrids, or electrics that ultimately get power from coal.  Try the modern turbo diesel cars and trucks! 

Even back in the late 70’s and early 80’s some diesel cars would get well over 30, in some cases 50 miles per gallon!   Now the TDIs are beating that and have near sports care performance and great low end torque.  Even my 7000 Lb Dodge diesel truck can average about 18 MPG, and get over 20 on the highway!

With modern emissions, much of which I think are really not needed, some of these new diesels burn with cleaner exhaust than our gasoline powered cars!

Diesel fuel contains 20% more energy capacity than gasoline, and it is more stable and safe as a fuel.  It also is easier to produce, more diesel comes from a barrel of crude than does gasoline.

Look at the VW TDI as a great example, but for trucks, anyone who has gone diesel, is very unlikely to ever go back to gas.  The economy and massive torque is addictive. 

We would have more diesel options today, if not for overzealous government (EPA) mandates on emissions.  Diesel smoke, while not attractive, is actually fairly harmless, and is cleaned naturally in the environment; it is mostly carbon, which is absorbed into the soil.   The 2007 and 2010 EPA emission mandates so harmed the manufactures in warranty claims stemming from problems caused by these new emissions systems that the manufactures tabled plans to put diesel engines in half ton pick-ups and smaller models.  The risk was too great; the new emissions controls work well only under load and at high operating temperatures. 

Light duty and short trip drives with these new emissions controls would create enormous problems with the expensive turbo chargers, and the exhaust filters.  This is why we in the US remain stuck with few diesel options.

Volkswagen and Mercedes seem to have made some progress, but only time will determine if they have managed to overcome the technical issues with the emissions systems.

Anyhow, back to Volt Fraud.  Is it not ever apparent that the more government control equals less free market, and less innovation which mean less actual progress?  So why to progressives always go for more government which actually impedes real progress?  Well, if you live immersed in lies, it stands to reason that even the label you choose is also nothing more than another lie!


My comment about modern diesels, well finally the NY Times stumbled upon this…

Some have been saying it for years.  Diesel could go a long way to reduce overall oil imports and to improve fuel efficiency!  Why we don’t have more diesels?  Much of it is perceptions and poor regulations that almost maliciously target diesel engine emissions…



Well the 230 MPG was only wrong by about 140 MPG or so, pretty close, right?


2 Responses to “VOLT Fraud and Government Motors”

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  2. Dave D. said

    And now we have the Pres in Europe touting the GM Ampera. Another fraud in the age of global climate change fraud.

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