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There are many incumbents that need to go, but Norm Dicks should be near the top of any list

Posted by mrfixit on October 21, 2010

Next to Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid and the cabal of elitist, out of touch, rich, super progressive Democrat leaders in office, well we have Norm Dicks.  He is working on his 18th term.

This man is the poster child for all that is wrong in DC.  He has the market cornered on special interest money influence, pork and dirty politics.

He is facing a challenger, Doug Cloud.  Doug seems to be a committed and genuine liberty focused honorable man.  He is facing long odds, since much of western Washington is near wholly controlled by the big union bosses, but he is standing firm on solid principles.

We cannot let ANY Democrat progressive like Dicks have a free ride.  Voters need a real alternative, and we do have one.  We need to retire Dicks, this year.

Here is a rather comical story about a “hoax” e-mail that supposedly was started by a Dem kook that conjures an all too believable scenario for the Democrat Progressive.


 This is the party that will recount until they get enough votes to win, like MN, were many voting precincts returned more votes than they had registered voters, to get Al Franken, or here in WA where we got a Gov by about 121 votes on the third recount, after she lost the first two counts!  Wonders can come when King County keeps the counting going.  For Dicks, well he does not have a King County, at least not legally.  So let’s support Doug Cloud and retire Dicks. 


Is it posssible? 



Well he is still there.  Cloud did not do it, three strikes now…  Oh, then there is this story about Dicks:


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