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Progressive – Democrat/Internationalist Presidents are DANGEROUS for the United States

Posted by mrfixit on October 21, 2010

We can be alarmed that Clinton lost the nuclear codes, but what is more alarming, that he lost them, or that he’d likely never be ready to use them if needed?


A credible deterrence means we must remain capable.  If the President is a person who is not really interested in protecting America, then wouldn’t it be more alarming the president would perhaps not have the fortitude to defend our nation when needed?

We can hate George Bush all we want, but clearly this was not a problem he had, he was willing to defend this nation, and did, even to his own political demise.

Now, I contend that Carter, Clinton and now Obama, all of them lack the fortitude and courage to actually make a nuclear deterrent credible.  I know I cannot prove this, but it is an opinion guided by experience and studying what they have done and said.

All have disdain for the institution of the US Military, all have acted to undercut its missions, and all have allowed or accelerated an erosion of our Nuclear Deterrence.  I’ll grant a small exception to Carter, he kept the Trident SSBN program going, but likely more to benefit his home state of Georgia with the Kings Bay Submarine base, than to really bolster or National Defense.  Even a broken clock is correct twice a day! 

If you don’t believe in the moral superiority of our founding principles, rooted firmly in the concept of individual, God given – unalienable rights, protected by a limited government, a government only legitimate for that limited purpose, well then you are a danger to the United States.  The US is based on that concept, it is not as much a place as the concept of individual liberty, THAT is what makes the US special, and that is what made us great.  Only a restoration of our founding principles will save us, the progressive seeks to transform us and leave those principles behind, in favor of what?  Well… elitist rule over the masses, unaccountable worldwide governance, international serfdom for the masses, which is their grand plan.  They don’t trust the people, they think we are all idiots, and unless we get engaged and involved to prove them wrong, they might just win.


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