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Is it coincidence that some behaviors always seem to end up with horrible consequences?

Posted by mrfixit on October 21, 2010

Ok, not one to shy from controversy, why is it that some aliments seem to be well correlated with activity considered taboo in the traditional religious teachings?

It is just coincidence or is it something else?

Well, as much as the modern culture would like to deny it, the facts remain that sexually transmitted diseases are correlated with – more sexual partners!  It is a no brainer, but some would like us to ignore this inconvenient truth.  Particularly high in that category is the male on male activity, I don’t need to speculate here, the medical facts show this clearly, and the American Red Cross blood donor requirements specifically identify this risky behavior as disqualifying to donate blood.

Now, this just in: Apparently even oral sex is now being shown as risky.  Well the women’s sexual liberation crowd is going to hate this also, but it seems the data is pretty clear.  Why should we be surprised?


It always comes back to the basic, original design laid out in Genesis is still best – One man and one woman, to become one flesh and to bear children.  That seems to eliminate virtually all of these issues, but I’d be called a prude, or worse to suggest that perhaps getting back to the original intent is the answer.

It is just like the original intent with the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, well actually that was divinely inspired also, as the founders believed liberty was God’s plan for man as well.

We stray and we pay. We might pay big for our errors. Are we not supposed to learn from these mistakes and get back on the right path?

One Response to “Is it coincidence that some behaviors always seem to end up with horrible consequences?”

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