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Is Google a threat to Liberty?

Posted by mrfixit on October 21, 2010

***UPDATE:  I have been informed that perhaps my title question is a bit extreme.  So taking this feedback seriously I decided to reconsider the question.  As a result I have come to agree somewhat with that notion, but I also felt perhaps I missed one of the biggest concerns with Google that I had not mentioned here.  They worked WITH the Chinese Communist thug rulers to implement their services in China, and agreed to assist the Communists with the filtering and control of information to make the deal!

Note in this article that Google is attempting to END its censorship, which means they openly admit to censorship and control of information on behalf of the Chinese Communists.


In other words, Google well knows how to control information, and has done so already.  So with very politically minded corporate leaders and a goal to “do no evil” as part of their corporate charter, well, if they look at their efforts as a force of good, according to them, well if they say don’t like skeptics of say, man-made global warming, then they could easily implement controls to alter search results on such topics, and shift the information that is readily found by the public.  This to them might be “doing no evil” but to others it may be considered exactly the opposite. ***

It is not my purpose to be politically correct.  It is my purpose to cut through the propaganda and lies and identify those that are posing a threat to our liberty, and founding principles of Individual God-given rights.  Either you are for those rights, and a limited government that protects them, or you are against them.   Sorry, it is just that simple.

Google has been on my radar for a long time.  It is run by a group of radical progressives, even Al Gore is involved.  It is a company that seemingly rose out of nowhere, how did that happen?  It came about not long after the Feds attacked (and eventually lost) Microsoft.  Microsoft, while run by a pretty far left guy, progressive Bill Gates, well it was not fully invested in the progressive movement.  Bill Gates has pretty well insulated any strong personal political views from the practical realities of running a successful business model, which has not permitted Microsoft to be the agent of change that the progressive always wanted.

Enter Google.  Its focus on the internet, and to control information is PERFECT for the progressive.  This is the means to literally control thought.  If they can have Google dominate and take over the information dissemination, well then they have a really powerful tool.  The decades of work to take over the traditional media were starting to be outdated; Google has become the new effort to do this now and into the future.

Google searches have on many occasions been noted to produce oddly different emphasis and results than the other search engines; I don’t think that is by coincidence.  Google, if allowed to dominate will end up showing results THEY want you to see, and hiding results they DON’T want you to see.  It has been so observed already.

Now, enter into the equation the topic of taxation, the progressives have not seen a tax they don’t like, no rate is too high, they tell us all we need to pay more, but note this never seems to apply to them.

Google has been caught playing the game of tax dodging, lowering its rate to an effective 2.4%, not bad, I’m sure you wish you could also get that kind of special tax rate!  They do this all while claiming moral superiority and while their corporate big wigs support every effort to raise YOUR taxes.

We need to stop using any Google product and inform ourselves about companies in on this kind of game.  We need to be informed as we vote, and as we shop.  The infiltration into our society of the anti-liberty progressives has gone way too far.  They need to be stopped.





75% of political giving to Democrats:


Obama raises funds at Google, AFTER the report on a 2.4% tax rate:


UPDATE: More data backing up concerns…



This is amazing, after getting rich off the US Taxpayer, and the technology invented and developed in the US, but US taxpayers, then working the system to lower its taxes to a miniscule rate of only 2.4%, now Google has the audacity to SUE the US for not picking its software on one contract!


Can you say hypocrite:


Coincidence?  Google sends people to the wrong polling place:


Did this happen in 2008, when the generic ballot showed strong numbers for Democrats?  Or does it only happen when the generic shows a historic cant to Republicans?  We do know that Google gives 75% to Democrats, so you can decide.

Don’t believe me?

Try a few searches on various search engines and compare the results.  I tried one for “man made global warming hoax” and got some interesting differences.  Google and Bing returned many of the same pages, but Google did not return these on their search on the first page:

Al Gore admits that ‘Man-caused global warming‘ is a hoax?

Global Warming is not only NOT a hoax, but it is about 10,000 …

Two more holes in the Man Made Global Warming Hoax – Religion …

Google did however return a page for Rush Limbaugh, so clearly they are not filtering him, or do they think it will not be viewed by many as credible, since the left has worked for decades to discredit Rush as a source for anything, no matter how correct he may prove to be!

The Manmade Global Warming Hoax Thrives on Faith, Not Facts


So it is not conclusive or definitive, but isn’t that the way you’d expect it to be?  Clearly if Google is too obvious with control and filtering of information, they’ll never get to the point of market dominance and near monopoly status they have always wanted.  They clearly aim to end Microsoft dominance, and competition is good, so despite their larger agenda, they still must face some market realities.  My concern is if they ever did dominate and truly have the power to filter and control information, they have the corporate mindset and attitude of the progressive that would do just that.  Let’s keep them honest by keeping the competition viable!

Google in trouble with the LAW:



Not sure this is good or bad on Google, but it shows how intertwined Google and information control is to control of society and is in essence a form of power.  Japan seized Google user records:


Unusually close ties to the Obama administration:


Well at least some are making money, must help to avoid the full 35% corporate tax by the “double Irish”.  Yes, we’d all like to lower our taxes to a 2.4% rate.  But at least they are spreading the savings not paid in taxes to their employees!


But, they are so, so sorry for collecting all this data that they only recently realized they had, sure, an “engineer” screwed up.  What a convenient scapegoat!


Ever see the movie Gatica?  Well think of that when reading this:



I’m not without humor, this is funny, controversy about the Veterans day logo!  (No, I don’t think it was intentional subliminal message, but some were quick to assume such!)



The company that wanted to REGULATE the internet, “net-neutrality”:



Google built in technology to allow your e-mail and identity to be exposed when you browse websites!

Accident?  I think NOT.


Now they have made the EU upset!:



China is the future, they say:



Seeking dominance:


Others waking Up?



They only want to help the “user” experience.  They want to help you find the information you (and THEY) want.



Rejects CT request for data it “inadvertently” collected:


EU is expanding its investigation:



Did they get a cut rate discount?  Seems like Google would be more than happy to comply with Obama administration’s request for advertising!



Why did Halliburton become evil because of Dick Cheney, but Google is not mentioned even with such VERY close administration ties and financial support?



YOU pay (taxpayer) for Google to promote the Obamacare propaganda and distortions (via Google, and Bing):



Breaking the Law in South Korea:



Left leaning group with ties to Ralph Nader goes after Google!  They are starting to see too much power and control and a connection between this information giant and big government is very DANGEROUS for individual liberty!  It is about time!



Well, now Glenn Beck is wary, and looking into this.  Much to come out I’m sure:



Texas is on to them now:


More (23Mar11):

Now they try to draw traffic away from global warming skeptics with this stunt.  Stay away from Google if at all possible:


More (27Mar11):

Anti-trust probes in at least 3 states….


More (01 Apr 2011, not fooling either):

I’m SURE this is not the only information Google is working to hide… They try to erase search results on their own CEO’s political contributions! (ironically reported on Google news!)


More (04Apr 11):

This from a NON-Google source:


MORE (10 May 2011):

Now there is a book documenting the many problems with how Google operates:


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