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True EVIL exists

Posted by mrfixit on October 20, 2010

It has become the conventional wisdom to accept all things as a shade of grey, not to ID evil in anything, because none are perfect.

Well, we are all imperfect, but we are not all capable of willingly and mercilessly committing pure evil upon others.

Some are, and we should ID them as such.  Society should not have mercy on people like this; they have forfeited any expectation of civility by their lack of regard for the rights of others. 


By taking the lives of others, especially in callous and brutal, evil ways, they have chosen to forfeit their own lives, and it can only be God who has the power to forgive these acts, society should not.  Our governments are formed to secure our rights out of recognition of our flaws and the inevitable nature of man to infringe or attack the rights of others.

At some point there is nothing left that mankind and government can do to rehabilitate monsters capable of this level of pure evil.  They have no remaining use on this earth – or do they?

In the modern context I understand and support the need for a death penalty.  However, I also recognize and accept the inherent moral quandary that this imposes on society.

If I were king I’d make sure the death penalty would be viewed as an easy option for the monsters like this guy.  I’d make them work HARD labor and while not cruel or unusual, I’d make them conduct labor that pays their own keep and sends revenue to compensate victims of their crimes.  I’d NOT make such animals EVER available for parole, they have proven to be dangerous, and it is the role of government to remove such evil from society to protect the rights of the rest of us.

But absent a real tough, hard labor, suitable punishment, then enter the death penalty.  If we can’t get use from these evil people, and they only live in torment of victims, well then the death penalty sadly makes sense, but it in itself is a reflection of our own failure to do justice when needed.  Justice would be to make these monsters suffer and live, make them PAY and not be happy to live.  That would be real punishment, but all too often we end up rewarding such evil doers with a life of relative ease and comfort, even letting them go back and create more victims.  This is why we still have a death penalty in the USA.


Another example of Evil amongst us (but no death penalty in MA for this guy):



4 Responses to “True EVIL exists”

  1. Dave D. said

    Here is another example of those that there should either be hard labor or death. Why is it that our military personnel can be subjected to hard labor when sentenced and the same sentence cannot be given in civil court?


    And if you think the previous one was animalistic, this one is the worst:


    Yes, these murderers are all capable of coming to faith in Christ and seeking His forgiveness. However, they also need to pay their debt to society and I believe that to be the death penalty.

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