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Excessive Government Payouts will Bankrupt this Nation, by progressive DESIGN

Posted by mrfixit on October 20, 2010

I commented yesterday about the $13 Million paid out to a “disabled” fireman in Seattle, caught on tape in some not so disabled acts, but we are not supposed to care…

Well, how about the base pay of a toll taker in New Jersey that is about $73K!  Well, that is more than an aerospace engineer in Seattle, I can tell you from direct experience.

But wait, after benefits the NJ toll booth guy actually got closer to $325K!   I must be in the wrong line of work, no wonder so few choose science and engineering these days, why work hard to get less pay!?

This will be the death of America if we don’t put a stop to it NOW.  The progressives have designed a total collapse by over burdening the capitalist system, and they might have done it already.  How and IF we can recover and restore American is the question before us.  The progressive have a plan, if we don’t stop them, they will “fix” our problems, but we will no longer be a society of liberty and opportunity with their plan, we become much like the failed Soviet Union.

< http://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/traffic/traffic_news/audit-excessive-perks-for-nj-turnpike-employees-20101019-apx>


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