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We have Anti-Human Activists Amongst Us.

Posted by mrfixit on October 19, 2010

If you do not watch Glenn Beck you might not know that there is a real and well documented contingent of our fellow humans that actually worship the earth and all creation as superior to man.  They actually believe in subjugating man to the rest of the environment!  I know, this seems weird, but is it?  Why the History Channel would be running programming about what would happen to the planet with humans extinct?  Not only is that NOT History, what kind of sick person even cares?  There are those that worship the environment as their God, they see humans as a cancer on the environment, defiling their false God, and they want us to die!

< http://www.history.com/shows/life-after-people>

Well, this one comment taken from this recent story is a glaring example of this anti-human attitude that exists:

Spokane_Citizen on October 18 at 9:56 p.m.

I sincerely feel more sadness about the loss of the ‘killer mountain goat’ than I do about the loss of yet another human intruding where he didn’t belong. “

< http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2010/oct/18/killer-olympic-goat-had-history-aggression/>

Now, it is of course hypocritical, but what about left wing progressivism is NOT hypocritical!  They live a lie:  So even as they hate humans, they of course exempt themselves from the problem. They you see are the self appointed enlightened ones; they only want the rest of us to die.

This is why they always support abortion, always support assisted suicide, health care rationing and Government control of health care, and it is the way to implement their anti-human agenda!

Add to that the promotion of anti-family lifestyles and you go a step further, the destruction of the basic unit the produces the offspring for the next generation is an obvious target for these people, and it is why they always seek to expand programs that take children out of parental care and into institutional care, this is why they really want two income families, it is has nothing to do with women’s rights at all, it is about this larger agenda. 

Ever wonder how we got the pop tops on baby food jars?  Well in the 80’s there were demented wackos out there putting poison in baby food.  These were the sick anti-human activists that saw the near imminent destruction of their God with Nuclear War, they felt it humane to kill off the young and were actively hostile to any “breeder” human.  This is what we are up against! It is most succinctly described in history as evil.

< http://www.nytimes.com/2004/07/29/us/fda-finds-traces-of-poison-in-2-jars-of-baby-food-in-california-no-one-is-harmed.html>

Accident or intentional neglect?


If accident, this is what “single payer” gets you.  If intentional neglect, well it fits with the anti-human progressive mind set.  Life not deemed convenient or productive is simply terminated.

Another more recent post and example:



Rutgers University professor: “too many children is litter”



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