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THE OATH of OFFICE, the majority of our Congress and our President have violated this oath!

Posted by mrfixit on October 19, 2010

Ok, the moderates and progressives out there would attempt to shout me down and claim I can’t possibly make such a harsh and cold hard statement of fact and be so sure I’m right.  They’d claim it is too complex, and I’m just too simplistic and uneducated to understand the wisdom of the multi-thousand page monstrous pieces of “legislation” that this Congress has passed, and our President has signed into law.

Well, here is how I can be so sure: 

They all take an oath of office to the US Constitution to defend it against ALL enemies foreign and domestic.  The Constitution is a power limiting document that spells out the ENUMERATED powers of the federal government, and specifies all other powers of government art to be retained with the States and people respectively (10th Amendment).

Well, there is no enumerated power that is remotely close to bailing out Wall Street, Unions, or controlling health care!  NONE, it could be added via amendment, but they did not try that, it would never fly.

So, not only did those who passed this crap clearly attack the concept of limited powers outlined in the Constitution they swore to defend, they did one even worse.

They are legislators, and in the case of the President, the chief law enforcement officer of the land.

Their oath would specifically require a comprehensive and COMPLETE understanding of any legislation they vote for or sign into law, without a understanding of the laws they accept, there is absolutely NO way they can honor their oath of office.  How can they protect from laws that attack the constitution if they don’t even read the legislation!?  – They can’t. 

< http://www.theblaze.com/stories/blaze-video-mix-top-12-politician%e2%80%99s-constitutional-contempt-clips/>

It is clear many of these elites just don’t care, and worse even hold the Constitution in contempt.  We should not send even ONE legislator back to DC that voted for the Health Care bill or the Stimulus Bill.  In both cases it was clear that understanding and comprehension of these monster bills was impossible, no speed reader could have read them before the votes were cast.  There is no way anyone should be voting on ANY legislation they did not read or understand.

< http://www.theblaze.com/stories/dem-rep-quoting-the-constitution-is-%e2%80%9csome-sort-of-revolutionary-plan%e2%80%9d-by-extreme-republicans-tenthers/>

If any low level employee in the government signed off on a document that they did not read and was later found to be in error, they would and should be held responsible.  WE THE PEOPLE need to hold our representatives accountable for their gross negligence and violation of their oaths of office to protect our Constitution.   They have not only failed, they have by their actions earned the title: Domestic Enemy of our Constitution.  FIRE THEM November 2!  If you took an oath, honor your oath, get active and defend against these enemies by educating everyone you know to fire them via the election process!

< http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2010/09/26/cass-sunstein-says-the-conservative-view-of-the-constitution-requires-a-time-machine/>


The author of the Health care didn’t read his bill, he hired experts for that!  He then did not honor his oath of office.  He should be fired, and many others as well.



They openly mock those attempting to actually respect the Constitution:



One Response to “THE OATH of OFFICE, the majority of our Congress and our President have violated this oath!”

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