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Society can NOT afford to pay $13 Million every time a Fireman is injured!

Posted by mrfixit on October 19, 2010

Look, we all want to be compassionate when a person is inured on the job, but it is not possible to be so generous in all cases, this will bankrupt this nation, oh wait, this and other entitlements like this may have done that already!  We are just living in denial of the reckoning to come.

I carry a small disability insurance policy, as well as life insurance to provide for my family if needed, why is this not the expectation for others?   Why is it that we must all suffer ever higher taxes to pay BY FORCE for the irresponsible?  I’m all for voluntary charity to help people when they are down, but the forced redistribution of wealth cannot continue.  

Now, objectively looking at the video, ask yourself if the taxpayers ought to be stuck with an excessive bill based on the very likely emotional only jury and judge that determined this excessive award.  I’d also like to know what the lawyers cut was here, I’m sure it was generous as well.  Meanwhile the taxes are out of control, governments at all levels are bankrupt and saddled with obligations and debts they cannot possibly pay, but we are to feel pity for an apparently able-bodied man who  made a mistake and was injured by falling down a hole?  A hole he should have known was there, since it was for the fireman’s pole!

< http://www.nwcn.com/news/Judge-refuses-to-throw-out-Seattle-firefighters-disability-award-105214199.html>

UDDATE: Another example, $8 Million for a cyclist who had a tragic accident:

As much as we all feel bad for the guy, at what point do we, as citizens, recognize that every accident is not the opportunity to take from our neighbors.  The state is us, we pay the taxes. 

I ride a bicycle, and I know there are dangers, I have had a fall from a track in the road, and it was MY FAULT.  Yes the track IS dangerous, but so is ice, so is oil, so is broken glass and on and on.  I think at some point we need to realize that we are not owed a massive payout from our neighbors’ pockets, to be taken by FORCE, every time we have an accident.  Instead, I’d be all in favor of raising funds for such a guy, and in a generous society, he’d likely stand to be compensated even more, but via FREE WILL offers!


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