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Smart Traffic Technology Provides Real time Travel Times – but what else might it be used for?

Posted by mrfixit on October 19, 2010

OK, so you have nothing to hide, me too, but what IF you became out of favor with power players in government.  What if those players were to seek your demise?  What if you challenged a cabal of powerful government interests and had information to expose corruption?

Well, if you realize that many in our governments have been raised to crave power most, and to get there using “any means” then you need to be concerned about their supposedly innocent attempts to gain more and more control over you!

This story seems innocent, a system to provide drivers real time data on travel times, who can be against that?  Well, read the details!  They get the data by scanning your license plate!  They then scan it again down the road and determine the travel time!  Well, can this not also track your movements? – Yes!  Can this not also be use to write you a speeding ticket? – Yes!  Can this not be used to invade your privacy of movement? – Yes!   What if you wanted to meet with friends to organize political opposition to the powers that be, and now you can be tracked everywhere you go, how easy is it to then squelch and chill any voices of opposition and to create an all powerful tyrannical Government?  OK, so maybe that seems extreme, but is it?  How about tracking the miles you drive and adding a new system of taxation?  How about new tolling technology for roads, sending you a bill in the mail?  These last two ideas have been proposed and implemented already in some areas, so it is no longer enough to pay your fuel tax, license tax, registration tax, sales tax, property taxes – now we need to add a mileage tax also!  Tyranny is just around the corner, or are we already there….

< http://www.komonews.com/news/local/105193819.html>


It is here, and this is only the beginning (town has automated scanning equipment to check for “offenders”  sounds good if use for genuine criminals, but what if this is to catch the guy with a parking ticket or such things?  Where does it end)?



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