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Various recent news events:

Posted by mrfixit on October 18, 2010


Assisted Suicide is profitable and expands with calls to allow grieving survivors to be given option to end their own lives!  This is an outrage, but this is where it leads when one tries to play god:


Well, there are many aspects to this one, but suffice to say, many were mislead to assume this was an honorable man, but turns out he was a monster.  How does this happen?  My guess, narcissism, and corruption with too much power. 


France is in turmoil.  They have made promises they cannot keep.  Someone has to work and create value in order to keep society running, not everyone can subsist on government largess, but the French, or many French do not seem to understand this.  See my comment today about “Fairness is Impossible”, they are acting like spoiled children.


FDR said we should never have Unionized Government workers, because the unions and government would in effect work together against the people.  Hello!  Thanks JFK, we have them, and even radical progressive FDR was correct on this, they are working against the people!


OK, this close to home, this is my Gun Club!  The prosecutor out here is in the mold of Mike Nifong of the Duke Lacrosse team fake rape fame.  We just can’t keep these kind of officials in office, it is on us to stop these people.


Don’t think our Islamic radical/extremist enemies are taking a break, they know we are weak, and rest assured they are planning more strikes, just as they did under Bill Clinton. 


Chaos on the border continues, but our Federal Government seems more interested in attacking the State which is under siege in all this! 


Expect more of this, can we start calling such camps “Obamavilles” as they did in the great depression for “Hovervilles”  well time will tell, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Without economic growth of a free market, more of this will come.


Ok, I’ve remarked that the rise of the “women’s liberation” has at times been more about making women act like men, and apparently more and more that includes the worst aspects of violent behavior that was once near exclusive to men.  Not sure this outcome can be considered progress…


OK, News flash to Ron Paul, progressives always lie, it is simply a technique that comes under the “any means” part of their toolbox.  Sure, it would be nice to think some of these people can change, but many have too much invested, and sadly are likely to take their agenda and ways with them to the end. 


This ad is great, it not only applies to this election here in WA, but likely applies anywhere where big expanding government progressives have had power!


Alright, I said it long ago, distracted driving is the issue, not phones.  If we are going to ban phones, what is next, radios, food, drinks?  Look, we all have limits, we should know them.  If a person is distracted for any reason that is the problem, those than can handle it need not be penalized for those that can.  The laws have made it WORSE, but will they repeal the law as a failure?  No, they will make more flawed laws!  They should make it DISTRACTED driving for any reason as seen by behavior on the road, and leave it at that.  Focus on a phone is misplaced, but control freaks always want to control others, and it never works.


This is outrage, the administration is saying a group must prove innocence against made up false accusations.  Isn’t that what they accuse the birthers of doing?  So, should this administration have to show the long form birth certificate to prove innocence?  That seems to be the new standard!


Last but not least, if all the rest is not enough, we are facing the loss of our Nuclear deterrent, or national security insurance.  Meanwhile our enemies, enemies of freedom are arming up.  History repeats because far too many just refuse to learn the hard learned lessons of the past…



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