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The Road to Serfdom is paved with income taxation.

Posted by mrfixit on October 18, 2010

The system of income taxation in the USA is relatively new, started about 1917 as a tax only on the wealthy, within a few short years it reached down to affect everyone, directly.

It created the second most expensive department in the Federal Government, second only to Defense; the IRS is a monster.

Not to be outdone, many states soon jumped in, and some like Washington are still trying to impose this system of near total control upon the people.

 The illusion that this is about revenue is the effort to seduce supporters to pass this kind of self imposed servitude on the masters who would control government.

 Think about how much of your privacy is made non-existent by the filing of your tax return!  Now have that also be sent to your state, county or even city, and it can start to become more evident that now hundreds of government agencies and bureaucrats have access private aspects of your life, and what can be done with that kind of information?

 Should you ever challenge the system they create off the income tax system, what might be done to silence your speech?

 To be sure, there is a need for some government, and as such a need for some taxation, but ANY form of income tax is always subject to abuse of power, and it actually stifles the exact kind of activity we ought to encourage!   Taxation slows activity, and stifles investment, why work to have it all taken away? Why not just live in a meager existence and have free time? What incentive is there to give up your time for wages that are then be confiscated, and then only have the same conditions?  You see where this goes.

 Some 2 decade ago, I recall a study done by the Washington Post of 2 single mothers in DC, one worked hard, 2 jobs, paid her bills and really tried to improve her circumstances and the chances for her children.  The other had more children, did not work at all, and received welfare as “income” – more children meant more money.

 Well… in the final analysis, the welfare mother had more disposable income, a higher standard of living, with more stuff, than the mother who was working 2 jobs!   Now, tell me why or how we can expect anyone to work in such an environment?

 You see, the way the nation was established, taxation came off of trade.   It should STILL be on trade, or even consumption.  The wealthier will end up paying more, by default.  Just like more fuel used means more miles or more weight, therefore more taxes are paid for roads that are used more.

 Consumption based taxation does not require you to submit complete detailed profiles on every aspect of your income and spending habits, it cares not how many children you have, and it removes the need to maintain a massive IRS, with 70,000 page of tax code.

 It is near impossible to hide from consumption based taxes, there is no “off-shore”, and it is simple and easy to collect.  If the consumption based taxes are fair, there is no reason to attempt to avoid them or cheat on them, and since everyone sees what they are paying, it is unlikely they will be unfairly raised beyond what people can reasonably afford.

With income tax withholding, we have a system where many, even most, have no idea of the tax burden they bear, and since it is set up to have us overpay all year long, only to get a zero interest refund with a tax return, many see the return as a gift, not appreciating that it is money they were OVERCHARGED all year long.

 Our system as it exists depends on the collective ignorance of the masses to perpetuate it.  It will take an enlightened informed base of voters to push via our representatives the type of real reform, or should I say “restoration” that is needed to purge us from the inherent servitude that comes with a system of income taxation.  

 We can no longer accept only what is considered politically viable in a sea of ignorant blissful voters, we need to educate and inform these voters on the moral superiority of limited government and LIBERTY.

(Can’t find the old story, it was out before the internet was big, but here are two stories that get the gist of it.)



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