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Infiltration knows no bounds – VFW is under attack from within

Posted by mrfixit on October 18, 2010

I remarked that the progressive worldview has been working to co-opt the pro-gun political agenda by getting cozy with the NRA, this to break up the NRA, not from a genuine love of freedom and gun rights, but only an acknowledgement that they can’t beat the NRA, so appear to join them and destroy from within.  About 100 years ago, they started this in the churches, is it any wonder the erosion of the church going public has followed?  Look at Europe, when government and church combine, they both lose credibility and the system starts into chaos, France today comes to mind.

Well, here is another:  VFW, yes the VFW.  I’ve been somewhat skeptical for a while, as the VFW welcomed Al Gore, and Bill Clinton, while the American Legion held some distance, but it is now very clear.  The VFW PAC has gone off the deep end, so far that the rest of VFW is trying to get distance from the monster they created!


We have to know who we are, what we stand for, and our history.  We need to know enough to recognize the seductive attempts to rope us into the devious plans to trick us into giving up our liberty in exchange for promises of security or hand outs.  If we give it up, we will have to fight hard to get It back, and we may never see it again in our lifespan. 

Our freedoms we won by sacrifices of many, many who would be part of VFW, how sad it is that those bent on taking away our freedoms would stoop so low as to abuse the VFW to keep their big government progressive liberty hating friends in positions of power in political offices.  In some cases the VFW PAC sided against actual veterans over incumbent progressive Democrats.  This is an outrage, but serves as a hard lesson to us all – watch close even the most noble of agents we hire on our behalf, our enemies of liberty have sought to infiltrate and manipulate any and all organizations that have proven to be successful in wielding power and influence.  They are an “any means” is justified movement, no blow is too low, no attempt even to be honorable is made, theirs is a blind, raw pursuit of power over others at any cost.  We cannot let them win.

When they don’t infiltrate, they make up groups to co-opt various segments of society to undermine the legitimate groups out there.

Other “Vets” groups that are fronts for Progressive political power:

VoteVets, a progressive Soros funded group.

< http://www.theblaze.com/stories/veterans-group-backing-ground-zero-mosque-has-sorosobamademocrat-ties/>

< http://votevets.org/pages/?id=0019>

Veterans for Common Sense, funded by an anti-war group (The International Ploughshares fund), same group that led the anti-Nuclear weapons protest and break in to Strategic Weapons Facility, here in Bangor, WA.

< http://veteransforcommonsense.org/index.php/about-vcs>

By the way, is not an INTERNATIONAL peace organization foreign money, and these are 501 (c) 4’s.  Obama: look into this; they might be using foreign money in our elections!  Oh, wait they are on your side, well then so it must be OK….


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