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Fairness is Impossible

Posted by mrfixit on October 18, 2010

Ok, I know it is a shock.  We have all been taught to think we can achieve fairness.  To realize it is all a lie is a shock.

 Life is not fair!  Why?   We do not know and we do not have the capacity to know.  Life is a miracle, and not even the most studied scientists have any clue on how to create life.  For some of us, this is strong confirmation of our faith; a belief in God – our creator.                                           

OK, so why is it not fair, as well look around.  We all are different.  We have different skill sets and aptitudes.  We have different levels of motivation, commitment, etc.  No matter how hard I try, I’ll never be a great basketball player, and many great basketball players can never be a great Mechanical Engineer.

As parents we try to enforce fairness, as our government attempts to force fairness upon us as well (many in government think we all are their children).

The problem… well it is NOT possible.  Just this weekend I wanted to reward one child for doing work above and beyond expectations, but I was reminded that the other children had recently done other similar work as well, so I had to reward all or none – to be fair of course.   But in there lies the problem.  A bonus – a reward for extra work done with NO expectation of such a reward should have no expectations from the recipient or others, so if the reward reaches some, but not all, those left without the reward should not come to expect it, nor should they resent the one lucky to be rewarded.  They should only be encouraged to work harder with the POSSIBILITY of a reward, never having the expectation of a reward. 

Sadly, our culture teaches us the opposite.  We have agitators telling the less fortunate that the gifts of talent, wealth, beauty, etc. are all unfairly distributed to some at the expense of others.

It is not the place of us mere recipients to place OUR demands on the grantor of rewards, and we have no legitimate claim to demand fairness.  We are given what we get via GRACE alone.  NO amount of our labor grants us entitlement to our eternal reward.  Our miracle of life is itself a gift of immeasurable fortune, and when we dismiss that value, and demand more, we act like selfish spoiled children.

You see, as parents we all want to be fair, and should be as much as possible.  But, our children should not be raised to automatically expect equal rewards, no matter what the level of effort might be for their labors.  Should the straight A student share the honor role with the student that gets all D’s? –  Of course not.  At the same time, if all of a sudden a gift is given as a reward for the honor role, it should not become an automatic expectation, perhaps it won’t happen again later.  We should understand and accept that our rewards are NOT to be expected, but are to be humble and  grateful recipients – as we also strive to be those who also do NOT covet the gifts given to others.

As for government:  The more it becomes like a Mommy and Daddy to the citizens, the more the citizens become like selfish spoiled children! – All demanding their “fair” share from sugar Daddy.  In the end, we all get very little, since there is not enough to go around, we must, of course, be fair.  Why is there so little to go around?  Who would work hard to produce anything if they can subsist on sugar Daddy and not break a sweat?

< http://www.theblaze.com/stories/pelosi-its-all-about-fairness-in-our-country/>


Want to see more of sugar daddy Government making ungrateful spoiled children citizens:

Britain, yes, you know everything is supposed to be provided, odd since that sounds like communism…



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