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Unalienable vs. Inalienable

Posted by mrfixit on October 15, 2010

Now for a note on the difference between unalienable and inalienable:

  In order to see the difference you have to go back over 100 years.  Today the modern dictionaries will tell you they are the same, but why did this change?  Well unalienable means NON-transferable inherent permanent, cannot be taken or transferred by ANYONE.  Inalienable is similar, but the very important difference, inalienable allows the holder to forfeit the right, by individual choice. 

Why is that important?  In a democracy (we are actually a Republic) a government can claim the people spoke and gave up their inalienable rights by choice, but they can NOT give up unalienable rights.  Unalienable rights demand the acceptance of a higher power, a creator, a God, and that is why there has been a move to have us forget the difference.  It is simply a move to purge the concept of God out of the public discourse, how well is that working out for us?





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