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Who is using who, more on NRA being manipulated for power

Posted by mrfixit on October 12, 2010

I’ve mentioned this before, and again recently.  The NRA ratings and endorsements are now out and there are plenty of illogical decisions in this list.


You see, they preempt the outrage in their notification e-mail by stating that they do not only support conservatives, but why?

Does the NRA really think they can divide and conquer the predominantly anti-gun Democrat/progressive/socialist left?

Well, I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are in fact deceived into thinking this way.  The NRA leaders think they can divide and conquer the progressive left.

Here is the problem:  It is not the progressive left that is being divided and conquered, it is the NRA! 

To assume that those the fundamentally do not believe in individual God given rights, limited government and all the fundamentals of the Conservative movement, then think they can carve out a meaningful exception to an otherwise hostile world view to individual rights for firearms ownership, well that is not only foolish, it is blatantly ignorant.

Then NRA has been out there even considering the endorsement of Harry Reid, they shied away from that after a beating from outraged membership, but even the notion they’d seriously consider this is an outrage.  In the end they gave him a B and Sharon Angle an A, but did not endorse either!

Look, the progressive lefty collectivists believe in any means to reach their redistributive ends, ANY means.  That allows them to co-opt any successful political or even religious movement, appear as allies and friends to attain power and trust, then when they have enough power and trust the erode and water down the organization to its destruction or fundamental transformation into just another progressive community organizing operation.  They have been busy doing this in churches even, and where they have been at work the longest, the real teaching of Jesus are no longer mentioned, long since replaced by “social justice” preaching, which is nothing more than new camouflage for a progressive/socialist/communist utopia led by mortals who are supposed to somehow create utopia on earth.  Nothing new here, but why do some continue to be deceived, and why can’t the NRA see they are also being used?

It is likely ignorance of history and/or outright denial.  The NRA has become so big, so powerful, that I fear its leaders are not aware of their own vulnerabilities, they foolishly think they can persuade the radical progressive left to genuinely adopt a pro-gun position.  This can never work, they do not have a pro individual rights based view, and as such they will always end up seeking to control others to consolidate power. 

This nation was founded on the distribution of power, and individual right to keep and bear arms is how that power is kept distributed.  Progressives/Modern Democrats/Socialists/Communists all seek to centralize power in the state, and that eventually demands the forfeiture of individual rights, INCLUDING the right to keep and bear arms.

That the NRA can’t see this speaks to a dire need to purge the NRA of its current leaders and replace them with those that get it, otherwise they will end up declaiming to irrelevance as other organizations that do get it rise in prominence.




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