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NRA is being used by Big Government Progressives

Posted by mrfixit on October 12, 2010

The Big Government control freaks will use ANY means to attain power.

 After the set back in 1994, they have learned the Gun Rights movement is too powerful to defeat, so they have moved to infiltrate it!

 They did this in churches a long time ago; it is documented in the Alinsky book, Rules for Radicals, where any means is justified to reach the ends of re-distributive change.

 This is how you get Father Flagger and Jerimiah Wright.  Neither is about real respect or worship for god, both are really all about worldly control and power, they and many other progressive preachers abuse scripture to serve that end.  The power distribution to individuals who EACH have direct relationships with God, and thus cutting out government – well, that cannot co-exist with a progressive.  To a progressive the ever growing control and power in centralized government is their highest religious calling, any attempt to tell you otherwise is a deception. 

 Well the progressive Dems are doing the same thing with gun rights.  They are playing the part of being pro-gun for the purposes of attaining elected office and power, once they have the power, you can bet those very gun rights issues will be under attack!   History has shown this.

 Even the NRA has been fooled by the efforts of infiltration, to the point of actually considering an endorsement of Harry Reid in Nevada, when this many has a long history of being against liberty, and until about 1994 (amazingly) also against gun rights.

 Why the change, well, the phrase if you can’t beat them join them applies, but it is only deception.   The reason: you can’t say you support a God given right as respected by the US Constitution, if you don’t respect both the Constitution and God.  Any attempt to show otherwise is hollow at best.  Once progressives like Harry Reid taste power, they are so addicted they will do and say anything to keep it, and in the end any restrictions or liberty or freedom they impose only affect us little people, these power players always exempt themselves from these rules and laws!

 Below are but some examples of left wing groups who are attempting to advance a “pro-gun” left.  This is an effort to infiltrate and destroy, as they have done in many churches already.  When you see churches adding pet baptisms and services that are pet friendly, or adopting homosexual marriages, what is that?  It is not scripture or biblically based, it is evidence those churches have become a social club, not an institution of actual worship of God, and I contend this has happened by infiltration of progressive ideology, which at its core is human worship, centered on self focus.

 I could go on all day with reasons why, but the point of this all is the need for us each as individuals to know who we are and what we believe, it is only way to not be taken by the deceivers out there, like these fake pro-gun groups that are really formed for the purposes of supporting attainment of political power, and once attained that power would be abused at our expense, gun rights included.  Make no mistake about it.  An all powerful progressive government behemoth cannot allow the individual freedoms and distribution of power that comes with individual gun ownership. The two will not co-exist, and any supposed pro-gun progressive will cede to the larger agenda when the time comes.






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